Building DSL using Groovy

Apache Groovy is a dynamic language, for Java platform, aimed at improving developer productivity with familiar and easy to learn syntax. It’s meta programming capabilities makes it a good candidate for DSL.

Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) have become a valuable part of the Groovy idiom. DSLs are used in native Groovy builders, Grails and GORM, and testing frameworks. To a developer, DSLs are consumable and understandable, which makes implementation more fluid compared to traditional programming. But how is a DSL implemented? How does it work behind the scenes?

DSL’s are meant to target a particular type of problem. They are short expressive means of programming that fit well in a narrow context. For example with GORM, you can express hibernate mapping with a DSL rather than XML.

static mapping = {
  table 'person'
  columns {
    name column:'name'

In this talk, we will talk about Groovy DSL which will be focused on basic concepts.

Track 2
Location: Luchana theatre Date: March 16, 2018 Time: 10:00 - 10:45 Puneet Behl